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Submission Process

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

  • As an author, you are kindly advised to use the IJAET paper template. This way you have nothing to change in terms of paper and text format. Simply applying the styles defined in the document will be sufficient. Author name, affiliation and e-mail address are to be placed underneath the title. In case of multiple authorship of a submitted paper, the affiliation and e-mail of each author must be specified.

  • Papers should be written in English and submitted in final camera-ready form. It is mandatory to submit your original work in Microsoft Word format (.DOC/.DOCX) by email or by using our on-line manuscript submission system. We will do the final formatting and all necessary format conversions of your paper. Papers must have an even number of pages: 4, 6 or 8. At least 50% of the last page should be occupied by text.  

  • An IJAET copyright form will have to accompany your submission. Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions for any copyrighted material used in manuscript. All authors have to sign the copyright transfer form. The signed copyright form has to be scanned and mailed to us by the corresponding author.

  • Five key words or phrases arranged alphabetically and separated by commas have to be present after the abstract section. A list of key words is available. Try to use only the key words provided in the list, do not invent other words.

  • As all papers of IJAET are published on-line, including the references, it is mandatory to include permanent links for all references available on-line. References linking to temporary on-line resources are not acceptable. Only permanent links to on-line resources are accepted (CrossRef, Global Education Index or similar). For every reference try to find out (this is not mandatory and not always possible) a permanent on-line link and include it at the end of the respective reference.

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